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Canis Technology Solutions (Pvt.) Limited is a multinational organization that has a profile encompassing Defense, Industry and Consumer based projects. It was launched in 2010, and has its Branches in UK, Slovenia, Germany, USA, Australia, Qatar, China, Singapore and Pakistan.
Its portfolio embedded:

  • Defense Products (Border Control Dock (BCD), Bullet Proof Helmet, UAVs, UGVs )
  • Industry Products (Resource Allocation Management System (RAMS), Bridge Health Monitoring System (BHMS), Pavement Distress Analysis, Auto Trackit Antenna)
  • Consumer Products (Anti-Speedster System, Brake Severity Indicator, Prosthetic Upper Limb-Brain Controlled, Solar System, Biometric System)
  • Trainings (Technical Training: Training of International Certification, Security Awareness Training, Non-Technical Training: Management Trainings)
  • Software Development (Web applications, Desktop applications, Android applications, Web Development, Management Systems, etc.)
  • Technical Consultancy & Technology Incubation.


Border Control Dock (BCD)

Illegal smuggling and immigration carried out at border is a big issue. Most of the Smuggled goods are transported by road using trucks/containers. To address the problem verification and tracking system is a need of the hour.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

Canis UAVS team has the skills and manufacturing capabilities to complete your next production or custom unmanned vehicle project. From concept development to final flight testing, our team can complete your project to your exact specifications, on time and on budget.

Resource Allocation Management System (RAMS)

Resource Allocation Management System (RAMS) is a complete hardware and software package that is used to create and maintain a user database. Each user is issued an ID card with a unique identifier against which all the information is stored. RAMS finds its applications in conference management, management of corporate organizations and public institutes. RAMS is a complete resource allocation and management system to efficient management and operation organized resource in terms of human resource asset management.

Bridge Health Monitoring System (BHMS)

Bridge Health Monitoring system is one kind of a solution that has never been offered before. It inculcates within itself the capability to evaluate the life, performance and health of all the individual components which combined together to form a bridge. These components include expansion, joints and bearing pads. BHMS is a complete hardware and software package including a sensor network, monitoring a number of crucial parameters with direct impact on the health & life span of the bridge. BHMS comes with a telemetry system for continuous and remote monitoring of the bridges. Our extensive database consists of empirically derive graphs which indicates every type of major structural health damages that a bridge can undergo and our telemetry system can raise alarm at a ground control station when a damage range exceeds.

Pavement Distress Analysis

It is a partial-automated system which involves crack detection, crack classification and other road distress assessments. A vehicle is equipped with frame camera and GPS system required for video and location acquisition. The obtained will be uploaded to a computer program which will automatically extract images, identify and classify cracks and perform other distress analysis. Time stamping will be used for synchronizing the data obtained from camera and GPS system. After synchronizing, value of relevant RD will be superimposed on the resultant images and a file containing attributes of particular distress will be generated automatically.

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Canis Technology Solutions (Pvt) Ltd., Technology Solutions is a multinational provider for Industrial Automation, Defense and consumer sectors.

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